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Bulletin 9-10 (V:1-2), 1967

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Combination of Transfer and  Marouflage 
Treatment of a Homer Watson Painting
by Mervyn Ruggles, Conservator, 
National Conservation Research 
Laboratory National Gallery of Canada

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1 Homer Watson, 1855-1936

'Homer Ransford Watson, born at Doon, Ontario. He began as an assistant at the Notman photographic studios, Toronto (1874-5), then visited New York (1876-7) and painted along the Hudson River and in the Adirondacks. For ten years after his return to Canada his style reflected the general influence of the Hudson River School. During a visit to England (1887-90) he was influenced by Constable's works and was a friend of Sir George Clausen. In the nineties his work also showed the influence of George Innes; and still later (about 1900) he attempted a monumental and poetic style. Visited England several times but lived mostly at Doon. ARCA. in 1880, RCA, in 1882, PRCA, 1918-22. Died in bankruptcy at Doon:

R. H. Hubbard, The National Gallery of Canada Catalogue of Painting and Sculpture, III, Canadian School, Ottawa, 1960, p. 327.

2 The packing case was made of 3/4 inch fir plywood reinforced at the corners and cleated with 1 x 3 inch pinewood strips. Four paintings of similar size were fitted into individually removable padded trays placed one above the other. Each inner surface of the case was insulated against external temperature changes with
1/2 inch Ten / Test wood fibre panels.

3 Results of this investigation were recorded in the National Conservation Research Laboratory damage report E593-6/D.

4 The cardboard used as the original support was actually a type of 3/16-inch pulp building material known as Beaver Board.

5 Mervyn Ruggles, 'Conservation Treatment of a Painting by the Transfer Method', The National Gallery of Canada Bulletin, No. 5, 1965, pp. 26-31.

6 Homer Watson, 'The First Snow', Examination and Treatment Report, E593, National Conservation Research Laboratory,1965; treatment carried out by Mr Mervyn Ruggles assisted by Mr Bernard Hamelin.

7 Aldex 13 wet-strength long-fibre tissue paper was supplied by Aldine Paper Company, 230 Park Avenue, New York City.

8 Ruggles, 'Conservation Treatment..., p. 26.

9 Ibid., pp. 26-31.

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