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Bulletin 6 (III:2), 1965

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Gordon Hammond Smith, born 1938
Growth 11. 1963

Gordon Smith was born in Montreal, where he studied architecture at Sir George Williams University, 1956-59. He is self-taught as a sculptor and has exhibited since 1959 in Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton. His commissions include mural sculptures for the Fraser-Hickson Library, Montreal, in 1959 ; the Jeanne Mance Housing Project, Montreal. in 1960; and the Arts and Sciences Building at McMaster University, Hamilton, in 1962. He lives at Arundel, Quebec.

Yves Trudeau, born 1930
Famille d'oiseaux. 1963

Yves Trudeau was born in Montreal, where he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts. In 1959 he won the Third Prize in the Concours artistiques de la province de Québec and Second Prize in the same competition in 1962. He was awarded a Senior Fellowship by the Canada Council, 1963-64, and is president of l' Association des sculpteurs du Québec. Yves Trudeau lives in Outremont, Quebec.

Richard J. Turner, born 1936
Gesture No. 1 

Richard Turner, the son of a painter, was born in Edmonton, Alberta. He lived in that city until 1956 when he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. He attended the Vancouver School of Art, 1958-62, studying sculpture under Donald Stewart and drawing with Donald Jarvis and Jack Shadbolt. On graduation he was awarded a scholarship prize. He exhibited in the National Gallery of Canada Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, 1962, and was represented at the VII Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil, 1963.

Sorel Etrog, born 1933
Standing Figure: Dancer 

Sorel Etrog was born at Jassy, Roumania, and studied there with the painter Lobel. In 1950 he emigrated to Israel where he continued his studies in Tel Aviv at the Institute of Painting and Sculpture. Among his teachers was Marcel Janco, who was one of the founders of the Dada movement. Though Etrog is still a young sculptor his work has been acquired by some of the leading museums, such as the Krôller-Müller Museum in Holland and the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Sorel Etrog now lives in Canada.

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