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Annual Bulletin 5, 1981-1982

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Lotto di Giovanni Salviati and
The Virgin and Child with Saints
by Benozzo Gozzoli
in the National Gallery of Canada

by Pierre Hurtubise, O. M. I.

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SA, Salviati Archives, Pisa
ASF, Archivio di Stato, Florence
Corn. Il, Libri di commercio, 2nd series
Filz. I, Filza(e), 1st series

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4 An analysis carried out at our request by the National Gallery's laboratories has shown that the inscription has in fact been retouched to a considerable extent - it is difficult to determine when - and that the date may have been modified (whether accidentally or on purpose will probably never be known) at that time.

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22 For example, the Virgin with saints compositions painted for the ColIegio della Sapienza in Perugia in 1456 (Pinacoteca, Perugia), for the Compagnia della Purificazione attached to San Marco in 1461 (National Gallery, London), for the cloistered nuns of San Benedetto at Ripa d'Arno in 1468 (Museo Nazionale di San Matteo, Pisa). E. Micheletti, "Benozzo di Lese (Benozzo Gozzoli)," Dizionario biografico degli Italiani, Vol. VIII (Rome: 1966), pp. 573-574.

23 The first was represented in every case, the second, in half the cases, according to our analysis of family account books between 1438 and 1517.

24 On the Salviati family's ties with these three important Florentine institutions, please refer to Chapter IV of the history of that family soon to be published by this author.

25 Roman martyrology of this period cited at least four Julians who were soldiers, three of whom died as martyrs. In Florence, the best known was Saint Julian the Hospitalier, whose day in the martyrology was 12 February. See Profillet, Les Saints militaires, Vol. I (Paris: 1891), pp. 508-512. However, the figure could also be Saint Julian of Constantinople, who died in 730 and who was honoured on 9 August. Ibid., Vol. IV, pp. 492-496.

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