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Annual Bulletin 3, 1979-1980

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A Selection of Books Illustrated by 
Quebec Artists  between 1916 and 1946

by Jean-René Ostiguy

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1 In addition to the article by Sybille Pantazzi (see note 2), see Denise A. Ostiguy, "L'illustration du livre au Québec" in Livre, bibliothèque et culture. québécoise: Mélanges offerts à Edmond Desrochers, SJ (Montreal: ASTED, 1977), pp. 99-112.

2 Sybille Pantazzi, "Book Illustration and Design by Canadian Artists 1890-1940," The National Gallery of Canada Bulletin, Vo1 4, No I (1966), p. 8. Includes a list of books illustrated by members of the Group of Seven.

3 Exhibition of Canadian Graphic Art (held under the auspices of the Canadian Society of Graphic Art and The Society of Canadian Painter-Etchers), Art Gallery of Toronto, January 1924.

4 Exhibition of Modern Woodcuts and Wood Engravings (Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 1928). Exhibition catalogue.

5 Book Illustration and Fine Printing (Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 1937). Exhibition catalogue.

6 Many people in the over-fifty age bracket inherited these books from their parents and kept them. They recall having purchased such books themselves at book exhibitions when they were in university.

7 The following is a list of the stamps on books in these collections found recently in Montreal bookstores:

- Restaurant chez Fernande / Echanges de livres / 1880 Amherst Montreal Parisianna Enrg 850 Roy AM 0917. Found in Francis Carco, Les Innocents (Paris: J. Ferenczi 1926). Woodcut by Dignimont.

- Mlle Irène Morin / Restaurant-Librairie / Achat Vente Echange de livres / 3933 Mentana Frontenac 0144. Found in Marc Elder, La Bourrine (Paris: J. Ferenczi, 1927). Woodcut by Renefer.

- Restaurant Librairie L Nadeau, Prop / journaux, Magazines, Liqueurs, etc / Spécialité articles de classet et jouets / (address illegible). Found in Pierre MacOrlan, Marguerite de la nuit (Paris: Fayard, 1948). Woodcut by Dollian.

- Bibliothèque circulante L Bourbeau / 4133 Berri.

- Bibliothèque circulante J M Dugas / 1106 Beaulieu Tél Dollard 0357 (collection petit Plon)

- Propriété de la bibliothèque Pilon.

- Librarie Gagné / 510 Rachel est Montréal.

Of the seven stamps above, the last four all appear on the same book, Colette's La maison de Claudine (Paris: J. Ferenczi et Fils, 1923). Woadcut by Clement-Serveau.

- Librairie Garneau Limitée / Livres et ornements d'église / 47 rue Buade, Québec. Found in Ni ange ni bête, by André Maurois (Paris: J. Ferenczi et Fils, 1936). Woodcut print and drawings by Emile Beaume.

- Tranquille, 67 ouest Ste Catherine, BE 6571 / Bibliothèque Chénéville, PQ. Found in J. J. Frappa's Les vieux bergers (Paris: J. Ferenczi et Fils, 19-33). Woodcut by EM. Salvat.

- Librairie M. R. Lafontaine, Ottawa. Found in Henry Bordeaux, La Fée de Port-Croc (Paris: Arthème Fayard, 1925). Woodcut by Renefer.

8 First Annual Loan and Sale Exhibition of the Newspaper Artists Association (Art Association of Montreal, 1903).

9 Robert Mahais, a graduate of the École des Arts décoratifs de Paris, taught at the École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal from 1923 to 1925. He made some book illustrations in France, including covers for Flammarion's Select-Collection.

10 Les Anciens des Beaux-Arts de Montréal (premier grand salon), 1935, La Patrie (Montreal: 1935), p. 9. Exhibition catalogue. Cover illustration by René Chicoine.

11 Reynald, "Une reluire d'art qui est bien nôtre," La Presse (Montreal, 4 November 1935).

12 Letter from Adrien Hébert to Emest Rolland dated 21 May 1923 (Emest Rolland Archives, Montreal). The artist had purchased an engraving by Drouart and recommended that his brother-in-law do likewise.

13 Raymond Escholier, "Le beau livre," Art et Décoration (October 1921), pp 129-140. Reproduction of a Drouart on page 129.

14 Henri Letondal discusses these illustration projects in "Une visite du peintre canadien Adrien Hébert," La Patrie (No 164, 11 September 1923), p. 8.

15 Maurice Busset, La Technique moderne du bois gravé (Paris: Delagrave, 1925).

16 Morin-Jean, Manuel pratique du graveur sur bois (Paris: Henri Laurens, 1926).

17 Charles Saunier, Les Décorateurs du livre (Paris: E Rieder et cie, 1927).

18 The Writings of Malcolm C. Salaman, especially The Woodcut of today at Home and Abroad (London: The Studio Ltd, 1927), in which one of Holgate's works is reproduced and discussed, could not have been unknown to Holgate.

19 Letter from Gagnon to Eric Brown dated 11 March 1928 (National Gallery Archives, Ottawa).

20 Escholier, op. cit., p. 134.

21 Dictionnaire des oeuvres littéraires du Québec, Vol II, (Montreal: Fides, 1980), reproduction p. 786.

22 See Ségolène, Samson-Le Men, "Quant au livre illustré...," Revue de l'Art, No 44 (1979), p. 86. See also Claudette Hould, Répertoire des livres d'artistes au Québec, 1900-1980 (Université du Québec à Montréal, Departement d'histoire de l'art, 1980).

23 See Sybille Pantazzi, op. cit., p. 21.

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