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Bulletin 3 (II:1), 1964

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Notes on an Eighteenth-Century Dutch Painting

by William A. Blom, Research Curator

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l A. Staring, De Hollanders Thuis: Gezelschapstukken uit Drie Eeuwen, 's-Gravenhage, 1956, p. 18.

2 There are drawings by Isaak Ouwater in the Gemeente Archief, Amsterdam, and in the Gemeente Archief, Utrecht.

3 P. A. Scheen, Honderd Jaren van Nederlandsche Schilder - en Tekenkunst: De Romantiek met Vooren Natijd (1750-1850), Den Haag, 1946, p. 230. See also Thieme-Becker, Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künstler, Leipzig, 1937, and A. von Wurzbach, Niederliindisches Künstler-Lexikon, Vienna and Leipzig, 1910.

A painter named Jacob Ouwater was born in Zeeland and was active in The Hague from 1750 to 1754. Later he lived in Middelburg and died there in 1775. He painted landscapes and flowers. There seems to be no relationship with Isaak Ouwater. See Scheen, op. cit., p. 230.

4 It is signed lk Ouwater Fecit 1778 on the boat in the right foreground.

5 Rembrandt was buried in the West Church in 1669.

6 In Ouwater's painting the date is clearly visible on the façade above the main entrance. This house was occupied by several well-known merchants. It was demolished in 1918.

7 The West-Hall was built as a guard-house for the civic militia as a result of pillage of a merchant's house in the neighbourhood. The ground floor served as a meat-market. (In Ouwater's paintings two sides of meat hang in the doorway over which a double flight of steps leads to the guard-house above.) Since 1808 the building was used as a weigh-house and was demolished in 1857. These details were supplied by the Gemeentelijke Archiefdienst of Amsterdam.

8 The Wallace Collection, Catalogue of Pictures and Drawings, London, 1928, p. 132.

9 W. von Bode, Die Meister der Holländischer und Flämischen Malerschulen Leipzig, 1958, p. 366 and note 2.

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