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Annual Bulletin 2, 1978-1979

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The Charles Huot Paintings in 
Saint-Sauveur Church, Quebec City

by Sylvain Allaire

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2 Ibid., p. 81.

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7 Huot had a reader's card for the printroom of the Bibliothèque Nationale. He also acquired through his friend Lefèvre three pictures: Paradise, the Adoration of the Magi and the Adoration of the Shepherds. (Noted by Jean-René Ostiguy, Charles Buot, Canadian Artists Series (Ottawa: NGC, 1979) p. 13.

8 The five known sketches were preserved by Huot and his daughter Alice. The National Gallery of Canada has recently acquired Bell. The Musée du Québec owns the others except The Transfiguration, which is part of a private collection.

9 The relevant passage from Lefèvre's letter is reproduced in Bulletin No 27, Charles Huot ..., by Robert Derome (Ottawa: NGC, 1976), footnote 70, p. 38.

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14 Karl Pavlovitch Bryulov (1799-1852), The Last days of Pompeii (1830-1833), Museum of Russia, Leningrad. Reproduced in the exhibition catalogue "La peinture russe à l'époque romantique," Galeries nationales du Grand Palais (Paris, November 1976), no. 12, pp 34-35.

15 Peter von Cornelius (1783-1867), The Last Judgment (1836-1839), fresco for the Ludwigskirche, Munich. The building has disappeared; the cartoons (1834-1835) are preserved in Basel.

16 The Good Samaritan (1877) was exhibited in the Salon de Paris of 1877 and is preserved in the Musée Tavet-delacour in Pontoise, France.

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24 Saint-Sauveur was the first work in Huot's long career as a decorator after his return from Europe at the age of thirty-five. His works are to be found in more than a dozen churches: Saint-Joseph in Carleton, sixteen paintings and roundels (c. 1894); Saint-Pascal in Kamouraska, two paintings, (c. 1900); Saint-Patrice in Rivière-du-Loup, a large canvas and way-of-the-cross (1902-1904); Maison des Soeurs Antoniennes, a way-of-the-cross (c. 1903); Saint Gervais in Bellechasse, two large canvasses and two roundels (c. 1902-1905); Saint Jérôme in Hébertville, three works from the seminary in Chicoutimi (c. 1903-1904); Chapelle Saint Antoine, Lac Bouchette, twenty-two canvasses (1908-1920); Notre-Dame d'Hébertville, seven paintings (1914-1916). His only non-religious decoration is the Quebec National Assembly (1910-1930). See Bulletin No. 27 Charles Hout..., by Robert Derome (Ottawa: NGC, 1976).

25 Napoléon Bourassa displays a more unified eclecticism in the Chapel of Nazareth (1870-1872) [since destroyed] and in the church of Notre-Dame de Lourdes (1872-1880), both in Montreal. Even though Ozias Leduc copied existing compositions for his first two decorations, in the Joliette Cathedral (1892-1894) and the Church of Saint-Hilaire (c. 1896-1899), he nevertheless displayed a sensitivity to colour and showed a higher appreciation of the architectural matrix.

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