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Annual Bulletin 1, 1977-1978

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Henry Moore's Reclining Woman

by Alan G. Wilkinson

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1 Mr Norman Fowler was a friend of Peter Watson, the original owner of the Ottawa Reclining Woman. On Watson's death, Fowler inherited his collection of paintings and sculpture, which included the Ottawa carving.

2 A copy of Jarvis's letter to Mr Fowler in the archives of the National Gallery of Canada.

3 The artist, in conversation with the author.

4 Philip James, ed., Henry Moore on Sculpture (London: 1966), p. 33. A collection of the sculptor's writings and spoken words.

5 Roger Fry, Vision and Design (1920; reprinted Middlesex, Eng.: Pelican Books, 1961), pp. 86-87.

6 Ibid., p. 88.

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11 Robert Goldwater, Primitivism in Modern Art (1938; reprinted New York: Vintage Books, 1967), p. 66.

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13 James, op. cit., p. 57.

14 C. Henry Moore Sketch book 1926 (facsimile ed., reproduced by Daniel Jacomet and Cie, Paris, published by Ganymede Original Editions, in association with Fischer Fine Art, 1976). The catalogue that accompanies the facsimile sketchbook has an introduction by Henry Moore and catalogue notes by Alan Wilkinson. The original sketchbook is in the artist's possession, and the lines quoted in my present text appear on the recto of the first leaf.

15 James, op. cit., p. 57.

16 Ibid., p. 159.

17 Of the eighteen sculptures executed in 1929, six are of masks and heads. In the previous year Moore acquired L'art Précolombien by Adolphe Basler and Ernest Brummer (Paris: 1928), which includes numerous illustrations of masks. Moore's renewed interest in masks (he had done only four between 1921 and 1928) may well have been stimulated by this book. Even the mask-like faces in some of the life drawings of 1929 and 1930 may owe something to the same source.

18 Herbert Read, Henry Moore (1965), p, 72.

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