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Bulletin 19, 1972

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Cézanne, Vollard, and Lithography: The Ottawa Maquette for the "Large Bathers" Colour Lithograph

by Douglas W. Druick

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Notes to Appendix

1 I am grateful to Andrew Stasik, Director, Pratt Graphics Center, New York, for his generous assistance and advice in the study of the technical problems of the Large Bathers.

2 Una E. Johnson, Ambroise Vollard éditeur: 1867-1939 (New York: Wittenbom, 1944), cat. no.30, pp. 68, 69.

3 Conversation, 14 March 1971.

4 The valuation of the Clot estate uncovered an important lot of proofs of the Large Bathers including trial proofs, supplementary impressions, and impressions lacking the blue stone (information kindly supplied by M. Hubert Prouté, Paris, in a letter dated 3 May 1971).

5 Henri Bouchot, La lithographie (Paris: Librairies-Imprimeries réunies, 1895), p. 289.

6 Ibid., p. 290.

7 E. Duchatel, Traité de lithographie artistique (Paris: Chez l'auteur, 1893), p. 24.

8 Ibid.

9 Ibid.

10 I am indebted to Peter Zegers, Department of Conservation, Mellon Center, Yale University, for his assistance in questions relating to paper.

11 Duchatel, op. cit., p. 21.

12 Ibid., p. 22. Cf. also Garo Z. Antreasian. The Tamarind Book of Lithography: Art and Techniques (New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1971), p. 40.

13 Antreasian, op. cit., p. 111.

14 Ibid., pp. 69, 73.

15 Duchatel, op. cit., p. 22.

16 Antreasian, op. cit., p. 219.

17 L'estampe et l'affiche, vol. II (15 January 1898), p. 20. Only one of these sets had been sold by the time the second album was published.

18 See impression in collection of Museum of Modem Art, New York, no. 269.40

19 There are at least 100 impressions of the state here described as the first, and at least an equal number, if not more, of the second state.

20 Information kindly supplied by M. A. C. Mazo and M. Hubert Prouté, Paris, in a conversation, June 1971.

21 Information kindly supplied by M. Hubert Prouté, Paris, in a conversation, June 1971.

22 Most of the colour areas in the first state of the Small Bathers were executed with crayon. In the second, definitive state, there is greater use of tusche and a greater simulation of brushstrokes. Technically, the state of the Large Bathers represented by figure 3 is the logical continuation of this method of execution.

23 Certain technical considerations, such as an analysis of the wear of the black keystone used in both states, could possibly provide a basis on which to determine the order of the states. This necessitates, however, a side-by-side comparison of a large number of impressions. This has, up to now, been impossible.

24 Claude Roger-Marx, "Les peintres-graveurs à la bibliothèque nationale," Beaux-Arts (31 March 1933), pp. 1, 2. The Large Bathers, first state, is reproduced in this review.

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