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Bulletin 1 (I:1) May 1963

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by Charles F. Comfort
Director, The National Gallery of Canada

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This first number of the Bulletin inaugurates a new National Gallery publication. At first it will appear occasionally, but the Trustees hope that at a future date it may be published regularly. Its primary aim is scholarly. Articles will deal with works of art in the National Gallery of Canada and with topics in the field of the fine arts which are of special aesthetic and historical importance to us in Canada. Interest in the history of Canadian art is increasing and we expect a certain emphasis on this subject to be apparent in the Bulletin.

All articles in this issue have been contributed by members of the National Gallery staff; it is only fitting that the results of their research and historical studies should be reflected here. In this way the national collection, and information relating to it, will be brought to public attention. It is to be expected, however, that subsequent numbers will include contributions from other scholars in Canada and abroad.

We hope that the Bulletin will appeal not only to interested scholars and historians but to the growing public which enjoys and appreciates the arts.

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