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In addition to the consecutive numbering, from 1963 to 1968 two issues per year were also assigned a volume and designated either number l or number 2, culminating with volume VI, number 2, 1968 (also consecutively numbered as issue 12). With number 13, 1969, the volume designations disappear, and the consecutive numbering continues.

The following summary of the contents of the National Gallery of Canada Bulletin and Annual Bulletin does not include the annual review sections (listing acquisitions, exhibitions, publications, etc.) of the Annual Bulletin. Article titles have been standardized with respect to punctuation, italicization, and capitalization. The presence of a title in both English and French indicates that the article was published in both languages; in all other instances, a summary was published in the second language. In the case of a discrepancy between the title as it appears over an article and as it appears in the table of contents, only the former is recorded.


Bulletin 1 (I:1), May / mai 1963

Foreword / Avant-propos - Charles F. Comfort

European and American Painting and Sculpture: A Review of Accessions since the Catalogues of 1957 and 1959
- R. H. Hubbard

Un critère pour juger l'œuvre de Borduas
- Jean-René Ostiguy

Ontario Painters 1846-1867: A Study of Art at the Upper Canada Provincial Exhibitions - J. Russell Harper

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Bulletin 2 (I:2), December / décembre 1963

From the Laboratory of the National Gallery - Nathan Stolow

Vers une histoire de l'art au Canada français - Jean-Paul Morisset

David Milne: 1918-19 - R. F. Wodehouse

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Bulletin 3 (II:1), 1964

Danseuses à la barre by Degas - Jean Sutherland Boggs

Recent Acquisitions / Nouvelles acquisitions

Notes on an Eighteenth-Century Dutch Painting - Willem A. Blom

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Bulletin 4 (II:2), 1964

The Collection of Drawings - Kathleen M. Fenwick

À la recherche d'Adriaen Honing - Marcel Röthlisberger

Two Drawings by Parmigianino - A. E. Popham

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Bulletin 5 (III:1), 1965

J. M. Barnsley in the National Gallery - J. Barry Lord

The Installation of a Special Exhibition / Installation d'une exposition spéciale

Marc-Aurèle Fortin et la maison dans la peinture canadienne - Jean-René Ostiguy

Conservation Treatment of a Painting by the Transfer Method - Mervyn Ruggles

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Bulletin 6 (III:2), 1965

A Parcel of Paintings Sent from Glasgow to Montreal in 1782 - Hamish Miles

Recent Acquisitions / Nouvelles acquisitions

Orpen Portraits in the Canadian War Memorials Collection - Robert F. Wodehouse

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Bulletin 7 (IV:1), 1966

Benjamin West and "The Death of Wolfe" - C. P. Stacey

Book Illustration and Design by Canadian Artists 1890--1940, with a list of books illustrated by members of the Group of Seven  
- Sybille Pantazzi

Notes on Two Drawings by Abraham Bloemaert - Pamela Osler

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Bulletin 8 (IV:2), 1966

"Drawn by I. Bradley From Great Britton" - Mary Childs Black, Stuart P. Feld

A Resurrected Portrait and Its Case History - Mervyn Ruggles

Realism, Surrealism and Celebration: The Paintings of Alex Colville in the Collection of the National Gallery of Canada  
- Patrick A. E. Hutchings

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Bulletins 9-10 (V:1-2), 1967 [published / publié en 1968]

Bernardo Bellotto's Venetian Period (1738--1743)  
- Terisio Pignatti

Daumier's Travellers - Willard E. Misfeldt

Combination of Transfer and Marouflage Treatment of a Homer Watson Painting - Mervyn Ruggles

Georgian Bay and the Development of the September Gale Theme in Arthur Lismer's Painting, 1912-21 - Barry Lord

A drawing by Jacques Callot - Mary C. Taylor

Two Paintings by Abraham Solomon - Ian Lowe

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Bulletin 11 (VI:1), 1968

Canova's Statue of a Dancer - Hugh Honour

Van Dongen's Souvenir de la Saison d'Opéra Russe, 1909  
- Jean Sutherland Boggs

Gustave Moreau: Some Drawings from the Italian Sojourn  
- Pamela G. Osler

Addenda and Corrigenda to the Catalogue of the Centennial Exhibition, A Pageant of Canada - R. F. Wodehouse

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Bulletin 12 (VI:2), 1968 [published / publié en 1970]

À propos d'un portrait d'Alfred Pellan - Jean-René Ostiguy

Robert Harris and The Fathers of Confederation
- Moncrieff Williamson

Borduas: Sous le vent de l'île - Bernard Teyssèdre

Addenda and Corrigenda to the Catalogue of the Centennial Exhibition Three Hundred Years of Canadian Art, 12 May-17 September 1967 / Addenda au Catalogue de l'exposition organisée à l'occasion du Centenaire de la Confédération, Trois cents ans d'art canadien, 12 mai-17 septembre 1967

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Bulletin 13, 1969 [published / publié en 1971]

Reflections on the Jordaens Exhibition [including "Jordaens and Calvinism," "Jordaens's Use of Paper," and "Notes on the Catalogue"] / Commentaires sur l'exposition Jordaens [incluant « Jordaens et le calvinisme », « L'usage du papier chez Jordaens », et « Notes sur le catalogue »] - Michael Jaffé

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Bulletin 14, 1969 [published / publié en 1971]

Two Lombard Decorative Reliefs - Ulrich Middeldorf

Andrea Sacchi's "Portrait of a Cardinal" - Ann Sutherland Harris

Orazio Gentileschi and the Theme of "Lot and His Daughters"  
- R. Ward Bissell

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Bulletin 15, 1970 [published / publié en 1971]

Étude des dessins préparatoires à la décoration du baptistère de l'église Notre-Dame de Montréal - Jean-René Ostiguy

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Bulletin 16, 1970 [published / publié en 1971]

Photographs by Tom Thomson - Dennis Reid

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Bulletin 17, 1971 [published / publié en 1972]

Gustav Klimt's "Hope I" - Johannes Dobai

A Reynolds Revived - Mervyn Ruggles

Chandos, Marlborough and Kneller: Painting and "Protest" in the Age of Queen Anne - J. Douglas Stewart

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Bulletin 18, 1971 [published / publié en 1972]

L'ancienne chapelle des Récollets de Trois-Rivières  
- John R. Porter, Léopold Désy

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Bulletin 19, 1972 [published / publié en 1974]

Cézanne, Vollard, and Lithography: The Ottawa Maquette for the "Large Bathers" Colour Lithograph - Douglas W. Druick

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Bulletin 20, 1972 [published / publié en 1974]

Le choléra à Québec : Un tableau de Joseph Légaré  
- Sylvia Giroux

Portraits of a Young Hero: Two Versions of Robert Field's "Portrait of Lieutenant Provo William Parry Wallis" - Barry Lord

Notes on the Relationship of Photography and Painting in Canada, 1860-1900 - Ann Thomas

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Bulletin 21, 1973 [published / publié en 1975]

Étude sur une statue en argent de Salomon Marion - Jean Trudel

The Compositional Analysis of French-Canadian Church Silver  
- R. M. Myers, J. F. Hanlan

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Bulletin 22, 1973 [published / publié en 1975]

Bartolommeo Veneto and His Portrait of a Lady  
- Creighton Gilbert

Gaspard Dughet : Un nouveau dessin apparenté aux gouaches de la galerie Colonna - Marco Chiarini

Foreign Art at the Canadian National Exhibition 1905-1938 
- Sybille Pantazzi

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Bulletin 23, 1974 [published / publié en 1975]

Nationalist Aspects of Lawren S. Harris's Aesthetics  
- Peter Larisey

A Portfolio of Landscapes by Lawren S. Harris / Carton de paysages de Lawren S. Harris - Peter Larisey

Le Souper d'Emmaüs dans la sculpture du Québec  
- John R. Porter et Léopold Désy

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Bulletin 24, 1974 [published / publié en 1975]

Millet's "Saint Jerome Tempted'' and "Oedipus Taken Down from the Tree": The Discovery of a Lost Painting - Bruce Laughton

A Clodion Statuette in the National Gallery of Canada  
- Terence Hodgkinson

Massimiliano Soldani's "Venus Plucking the Wings of Cupid"  
- Jennifer Montagu

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Bulletin 25, 1975 [published / publié en 1976]

Modern Gothic in Canada - R. H. Hubbard

Lyttleton's View of Halifax: Microscopic Cosmos  
- Alexandra E. Carter

Emily Carr's "Blunden Harbour" - Maria Tippett

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Bulletin 26, 1975 [published / publié en 1977]

A Poelenburgh in the National Gallery of Canada  
- Malcolm Waddingham

The Monumental Style of Fontainebleau and Its Consequences: Antoine Caron and "The Submission of Milan"  
- W. McAllister Johnson

"Christ with Saints Alexandra and Agatha": A Russian Icon in the National Gallery of Canada - George Galavaris

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Bulletin 27, 1976 [published / publié en 1977]

Charles Huot et la peinture d'histoire au Palais législatif de Québec (1883--1930) - Robert Derome

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Bulletin 28, 1976 [published / publié en 1977]

Mandarin Ducks in Sixteenth-Century Chinese Porcelain: A Wan-li Bowl in the National Gallery of Canada  
- Yutaka Mino, Katherine Tsiang

Speculations on Two Drawings Attributed to Giorgio Vasari  
- David McTavish

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Bulletin 29, 1977 [published / publié en 1978]

The Place of "Composition 12 with Small Blue Square" in the Art of Piet Mondrian - Robert Welsh

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Bulletin 30, 1977 [published / publié en 1978]

La chapelle de l'évêché de Sherbrooke : Quelques dessins préparatoires d'Ozias Leduc - Laurier Lacroix

Deux moments dans la vie et l'œuvre de James Wilson Morrice  
- Lucie Dorais

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Annual Bulletin

Annual Bulletin 1, Incorporating Annual Review 1977-1978 / Bulletin annuel 1, comprenant la Revue annuelle 1977-1978 [published / publié en 1979]

Discoveries of a New Director / Les découvertes d'une nouvelle directrice - Hsio-Yen Shih

Mattia Preti: The Feast of Absalom / Festin d'Absalom de Mattia Preti - John T. Spike

Henry Moore's Reclining Woman / Femme couchée de Henry Moore - Alan G. Wilkinson

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Annual Bulletin 2, Incorporating Annual Review 1978-1979 / Bulletin annuel 2, comprenant la Revue annuelle 1978-1979 [published / publié en 1980]

The Gallery and Government: The Larger Context / Le gouvernement et la Galerie présentée dans un cadre élargi  
- Hsio-Yen Shih

The Charles Huot Paintings in Saint-Sauveur Church, Quebec City / Les tableaux de Charles Huot à l'église Saint-Sauveur 
- Sylvain Allaire

A.Y. Jackson in France, Belgium and Holland: A 1909 Sketchbook / A.Y. Jackson en France, en Belgique et en Hollande Carnet de croquis de 1909 - Rosemarie L. Tovell

A Christianized and Neo-Classicized Roman Tazza / Une très rare tazza romaine christianisée et néo-classicisée
- Philippe Verdier

Bacchus and Ariadne, by Antoine-Jean Gros / Bacchus et Ariane de Antoine-Jean Gros - Thomas Gaehtgens

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Annual Bulletin 3, Incorporating Annual Review 1979-1980 / Bulletin annuel 3, comprenant la Revue annuelle 1979-1980 [published / publié en 1982]

Introduction / Introduction (français) - Hsio-Yen Shih

A Selection of Books Illustrated by Quebec Artists between 1916 and 1946 / Un choix de livres illustrés par des artistes québécois entre 1916 et 1946 - Jean-René Ostiguy

Simone Martini's St Catherine of Alexandria: An Orvietan Altarpiece and the Mystical Theology of St Bonaventure / La Sainte Catherine d'Alexandrie de Simone Martini: Un retable orviétan et la théologie mystique de saint Bonaventure - Joel Brink

A Re-Examination of the "Raphael" Drawing in the National Gallery of Canada / Nouvel examen du dessin de « Raphaël » à la Galerie nationale du Canada - Sylvia Ferino

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Annual Bulletin 4, Incorporating Annual Review 1980-1981 / Bulletin annuel 4, comprenant la Revue annuelle 1980-1981 [published / publié en 1982]

Introduction / Introduction (français) - Joseph Martin

Paul-Émile Borduas' Nature's Parachutes: Towards a Definition of Borduas' Pictorial "Surrealism" / À propos de Parachutes végétaux de Paul-Émile Borduas. Essai de définition du « surréalisme » pictural de Borduas - François-Marc Gagnon

James Ensor: Skeletons in the Studio / James Ensor: squelettes à l'atelier - Gert Schiff

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Annual Bulletin 5, Incorporating Annual Review 1981-1982 / Bulletin annuel 5, comprenant la Revue annuelle 1981-1982 [published / publié en 1983]

Introduction / Introduction (français)- Joseph Martin

Ugolino di Nerio: Saint Anne and the Virgin / Ugolino di Nerio: Sainte Anne et la Vierge enfant - Laurence B. Kanter

Lotto di Giovanni Salviati and The Virgin and Child with Saints by Benozzo Gozzoli in the National Gallery of Canada / Lotto di Giovanni Salviati et La Vierge à l'Enfant entourée de Saints de Benozzo Gozzoli à la Galerie nationale du Canada
- Pierre Hurtubise

Musical Iconography and Sketches in the National Gallery: Street Musicians by Lillian Freiman and Orchestra Sketch by Pegi Nicol / L'iconographie musicale et les dessins de la Galerie nationale: Musiciens des rues de Lillian Freiman et L'orchestre de Pegi Nicol - Francine Sarrasin

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Annual Bulletin 6, Incorporating Annual Review 1982-1983 / Bulletin annuel 6, comprenant la Revue annuelle 1982-1983 [published / publié en 1984]

Introduction / Introduction (français) - Joseph Martin

William Berczy's Portraits of Joseph Brant / Portraits de Joseph Brant par William Berczy - Gloria Lesser

Four Sixteenth-Century Painted Enamels / Quatre émaux peints du XVIe siècle - Philippe Verdier

Paintings by Restout on Mythological and Historical Themes: Acquisition by the National Gallery of Canada of Venus Presenting Arms to Aeneas / Les peintures à sujets mythologiques et historiques de Restout : À propos de l'achat, par la Galerie nationale du Canada, de Vénus montrant ses armes à Énée - Pierre Rosenberg, Antoine Schnapper

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Annual Bulletin 7, Incorporating Annual Review 1983-1984 / Bulletin annuel 7, comprenant la Revue annuelle 1983-1984 [published / publié en 1985]

Introduction / Introduction (français) - Joseph Martin

The Shepherd Paris of Jean-Germain Drouais / Le berger Pâris de Jean-Germain Drouais - John D. Bandiera

The Influence of Cézanne on Adrien Hébert / Les influences cézanniennes chez Adrien Hébert - Jean-René Ostiguy

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Annual Bulletin 8, incorporating the complete acquisition list for the fiscal year 1984-1985 [published / publié en 1986] / Bulletin annuel 8, comprenant une liste complète des acquisitions d'œuvres d'art pour l'ànnée financière 1984-1985 [publié en 1986] 

Harold Town et l'art du collage : À propos de Musique à l'arrière, 1958-1959 - Denise Leclerc

Henry D. Thielcke: A Recently Found Portrait and Some Reflections on Thielcke's Links with the English School - Ross Fox

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