National Gallery of Canada

Roxy Paine

One Hundred Foot Line

How it was Made

One Hundred Foot Line is the latest, and tallest of the Dendroids series to be created by Roxy Paine. As with all his Dendroids, the sculptor begins with study drawings before developing a scaled stainless steel maquette. From there, Paine and his team begin construction of the full size sculpture by welding together many sections of stainless steel tubing of varying diameters. The lower half of the piece uses rolled plate supported by an extensive internal structure that turned to stainless steel pipe as the form tapered to a thinner diameter.

The work was shipped to Ottawa, Canada from the artist’s upstate New York studio in two large sections on a flatbed truck. These two pieces were welded together on site on Nepean Point. Lifted by a crane, One Hundred Foot Line was placed on a 10 feet-cubed slab of concrete engineered to support the sculpture’s immense weight. The metallic art work is grounded with copper wire that runs outward from either side of the base plate and into the earth.

Roxy Paine
One Hundred Foot Line, 2010
Stainless steel
30.48 m x 1.3 m (approx.)
Purchased 2010