art stars on the big screen

Please note that these films contain explicit and graphic material
not suitable for children. In the Auditorium. Free admission.

ugly beauty, 2009

Thursday 5 August at 7 pm, 61 min
Has beauty disappeared from modern art? Some modern thinkers insist it has. Art critic Waldemar Januszczak fiercely disagrees, believing that great art is as interested in beauty as ever. Produced by ZCZ Films.

the universe of keith haring, 2008

Thursday 12 August at 7 pm, 82 min
An intimate portrait of world-renowned artist Keith Haring, whose mantra was that "Art is for everyone!" Directed by Christina Clausen.

the jeff koons show, 2004

Thursday 19 August at 7 pm, 55 min
A documentary on the life and work of artist Jeff Koons, featuring interviews with Koons himself, as well as curators, gallerists and fellow artists. Directed by Alison Chernick