National Gallery of Canada

Nomads - 17 April - 30 August 2009

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About the Exhibition

This thematic exhibition focuses on works by Vancouver-based artists whose practices manifest different interpretations of nomadism, a way of life that takes place in a non-structured environment where movement is paramount. Featuring the work of Gareth Moore, Geoffrey Farmer, Myfanwy MacLeod, Hadley+Maxwell and Althea Thauberger, Nomads explores artistic practices that encompass recent reconceptions of site-specific art and artmaking wherein the works exist in a fluid, even transformative, state.

At times, it is the artists’ practice that is nomadic – they travel specifically to gather materials and document interventions made along the way. In other cases, the objects themselves are nomadic, becoming staged sets or kits that adapt to their specific context of display. In further instances, the works are event-based, favouring interaction and collaboration with a particular community.

Whether born from mapped-out movements or an enduring wanderlust, the pieces in Nomads aim to shift our expectations of the traditional art object. Through their engagement with the social space of the everyday, ephemeral materials, as well as strategies of staging and performance, they question notions of authorship, authenticity and, ultimately, the exhibition as a finished product.

This exhibition is organized by the National Gallery of Canada in conjunction with the BC Scene programming presented by the National Arts Centre from 21 April to 3 May 2009