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Create your own Gallery experience! The new, interactive, bilingual (English/French) National Gallery of Canada app gives you access to all new content about the collection.  Look, learn, explore – your way.

The National Gallery of Canada is proud to be the permanent home of the world’s most comprehensive collection of Canadian art. The mobile application highlights 52 of these Canadian artworks, providing descriptions, facts, and details about the works, as well as artist biographies, artist and expert interviews, videos, maps, a glossary of key art terms and information about the Gallery itself.

The Canadian artworks featured on the app range from historical sculptures to modern and conceptual paintings. The audio interviews are of a variety of the Gallery’s professional staff, and the video interviews showcase the artists whose artworks are being featured. You won’t find this content anywhere else!

Use the app to browse a wide selection of images, including photographs of the artists and some conservation and restoration procedures.  Zoom in using the details feature and learn about the ideas, approaches and stories behind them.  Art terms are defined for you in the glossary, and don’t forget to use the map if you would like to know where an artist lived or worked.

Best of all, you can share these artworks through an e-card, facebook or twitter.


For assistance during your visit, please ask one of our visitor services staff.

The Audio, Video, Details, Map and Share features in the application require WiFi or Network access.

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