Bartolomeo Montagna, “St-Jerome in Penitence”

08 Nov 2002 - 02 Feb 2002

One of the jewels of the National Gallery of Canada's (NGC) Renaissance collection, Bartolomeo Montagna's St. Jerome in Penitence, has been restored to vibrant life after months of work. It will be on view in a special exhibition from 8 November 2002 to 2 February 2003, before returning to its rightful place in the European galleries. Painted around 1500 by one of the masters of the Venetian Renaissance, this spectacular canvas was acquired by the NGC in 1929 but has not been shown for many years because of the discoloration of its varnish. Due to the magnitude of restoration required, the work was postponed from year to year, until the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles got in touch with one of the NGC's conservators, Anne Ruggles. Thanks to the cooperation of the Getty Museum and their conservator, Elisabeth Mention, and a grant from the NGC Foundation, the Gallery was able to give Anne Ruggles the assignment of breathing new life into this painting, on which time had taken such a toll. The result of this effort of many months is extraordinary.