The Space of Silence. Isaac Applebaum, Jack Burman, Alfredo Jaar

06 Oct 2001 - 14 Jan 2002

The word genocide regularly appears in the chronicles of the 20th century. The Nazi death camps, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Rwanda massacres: these names carry their weight of atrocities and conjure up chilling sights. Many artists have been witness, often unwillingly, to the evils of our world and have had to face unspeakable horror. Some took refuge in silence. Others engaged in social movements to prevent any repetition of such atrocities. Still others expanded upon the facts, their experiences inspiring their artistic production. Jack Burman, Isaac Applebaum, and Alfredo Jaar question history in striking installations that both give evidence of the evils of our time and reflect upon art's power to depict the elimination of large groups of human beings. How do we write history? How can we prevent amnesia from doing its work? These three artists stage memory in a narrative form so that what remains not only escapes oblivion, but becomes etched in living memory.