Robin Collyer: Photographs

21 Jan 2000 - 14 May 2000

The first major survey of the photographic work of Toronto sculptor Robin Collyer, this exhibition includes early black-and-white images, urban and rural landscapes, digitally retouched works, and a remarkable series of photographs of silos in the French region of Orléans. Collyer shows us places where the boundaries between nature and artifice, city and country blur. His art is a critique of the systems and conventions that define both urban and "pastoral" experience. The artist's wry, deadpan works investigate the varied social and cultural conditions that determine the course of contemporary life. Encompassing a wide range of concerns including architecture and urban planning, mass communications, politics and current events, Collyer's work traffics in the imagery of the built environment around us, and the media barrage in front of us. Exhibition organized by the Art Gallery of York University.