Robert Frank. HOLD STILL - keep going

22 Jun 2002 - 12 Sep 2002

HOLD STILL - keep going examines the connections between early single photographs and photo sequences, photobook projects, films, videos, and photo-text montages. This multimedia exhibition demonstrates Frank's pluralistic approach to art making. The works challenge ideas of linear narrative and the ability of the photograph to function as a purveyor of "truth." Generally, Frank is little content to let the photograph stand alone as a statement about the world. Rather, images often appear within images to create multiple statements about reality. Sometimes photographs are sequenced, words added, or paint applied, usually by his partner, the artist June Leaf, in order to critique or enliven the subject matter depicted. HOLD STILL - keep going presents viewers with a complex vision of an artist whose work emphasizes the ability of photography and film to create statements, ask questions, and challenge our perceptions and assumptions about reality and our relationship to it.