Pierre Boogaerts: Reality, Vision, Image

14 Sep 2001 - 06 Jan 2002

Pierre Boogaerts belongs to the generation of artists who adopted photography as their preferred means of expression in the early 1970s. This period, crucial to the acceptance of photography as part of contemporary art in Canada and more specifically in Montreal, was marked by a conjunction of influences from Pop Art, Land Art, and conceptual art, and called into question the formulation and function of the work of art itself.Between 1971 and 1990, Boogaerts produced a unique body of work, supported by extremely personal theoretical underpinnings, through which he endeavoured to demonstrate the mechanisms of vision while examining in depth the process of photography. In this respect, his oeuvre is not merely a series of individual works amassed to support and illustrate their creator's point of view. Rather, it is a unified whole that consists of a succession of long cycles demarcated by the artist's examination of specific aspects of the medium.