Nell Tenhaaf: Fit/Unfit. A Survey Exhibition

24 Jan 2004 - 25 Apr 2004

Explore the connections between art, science, medicine, and technology in this thought-provoking exhibition spanning the past 15 years of the career of Nell Tenhaaf, a Toronto-based multimedia artist whose work has been widely exhibited in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Tenhaaf uses aluminum light boxes, interactive video installations, photography, and drawing to engage viewers with her ideas. She mixes scientific diagrams with artistic renderings in her works as a means of questioning society's expectations of both disciplines, especially the notion that art is subjective and science, objective. For Tenhaaf, science, technology, and art are all invested with social and cultural values that speak to our deepest hopes and fears.Nell Tenhaaf: Fit/Unfit is organized and circulated by The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in collaboration with the Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, and the Art Gallery of Hamilton.