Larry Towell: Works 1985-2000

25 Apr 2001 - 03 Sep 2001

In 1988 Larry Towell became the first Canadian member of the renowned Magnum Photos agency. Since the early 1980s Towell's photographs have been shown and published widely, gaining increasing international attention. His eight published books have been hailed by critics worldwide.This exhibition of 80 photographs focuses on three major subjects of current interest: El Salvador, Palestine, and migrant Mennonite workers. Towell's photojournalism is remarkable not only for its photographic excellence but also for its deep involvement in the issues of which he has chosen to attach himself. In each photograph, Towell aims to situate his subject not simply in the moment but also in the continuity of events. Towell's involvement does not derive from an intellectual quest or a particular ideology, but from the knowledge he acquires in the field as he unflaggingly follows his subjects in their everyday life, from his unique angle of vision on the realities of their society, from his fellow-feeling for flesh-and-blood people caught in the cross-currents and random events of history.