Cheryl Sourkes: Public Camera

20 Apr 2007 - 21 Oct 2007

Over the last several years, the Toronto artist Cheryl Sourkes has been investigating public surveillance devices, more specifically Web cameras, creating artworks using still images pulled from the Internet. Certain projects present composite Web shots of major cities, including London, Tokyo, and Toronto. In other works, the artist examines how outside influences, such as weather phenomena, can disrupt the observing eye of the camera. Sourkes also investigates interior views of both public and private spaces.Although recent technological devices have produced these images, the artist presents them as part of a larger history of image making that includes both contemporary and historic sources. The exhibition raises questions about the use of webcams and the people who view and are viewed by surveillance devices. Sourkes asks us to reflect on how this technology affects our understanding of the social sphere and our relationship to the people we find in it. A catalogue, produced by the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, accompanies the exhibition. Organized and presented by the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography