Elusive Paradise: The Millennium Prize

09 Feb 2001 - 13 May 2001

Ten international contemporary artists attempt to answer the age-old riddle of what makes a perfect world. At stake is The Millennium Prize, a $50,000 cash prize supported by the National Gallery of Canada Foundation, thanks to generous contributions from its Circle members. Elusive Paradise: The Millennium Prize is on view from 9 February to 13 May 2001. Elusive Paradise: The Millennium Prize explores the theme of Arcadia and questions our relationship to nature at the dawn of the new millennium. The Roman poet Virgil created the image of Arcadia, describing it as an idyllic place of harmony and leisure, a land of perpetual summer in which nature fulfilled every human need. Today the dream of an unspoilt landscape seems more poignant than ever, as we face the consequences of encroaching agriculture, industrialization, urban development, and modern technology.