The Print in Italy 1550 - 1620

? - 05 Jan 2003

One of the exhibitions presented this fall at the National Gallery of Canada invites visitors to travel to the heart of Italy at the end of the Renaissance to discover a period rich in the production of prints. The Print in Italy 1550-1620 highlights engravers, designers of images, printers and distributors, and sheds light on a whole range of subjects: religion, mythology, science, politics, ornamentation and recreation. Structure of the exhibition The Print in Italy 1550-1620 brings together one hundred works by Cherubino Alberti, Andrea Andreani, Orazio Borgianni, Agostino and Annibale Carracci, Cornelis Cort, Martino Rota, Giuseppe Scolari, Antonio Tempesta and Francesco Villa. The exhibition is arranged in three groups of themes illustrating various aspects of the prints: printmaking methods; the different trades involved in their production, and the characteristics of the centres for print production, in particular, Rome and Venice.