Winter LandscapeEnlarge image

Winter Landscape, 1956

Jean Paul Lemieux
Canadian, 1904 - 1990
oil on canvas
57.2 x 104.4 cm
Transfer from Transport Canada, Ottawa, 2009
National Gallery of Canada (no. 43004)
Photo © NGC

During a decade that witnessed the predominance of abstraction in painting both nationally and internationally, Jean Paul Lemieux remained faithful to the objectives of representation. Travelling by train between Montreal and Quebec City, Lemieux enjoyed the spectacle of the appearing and disappearing landscape. Here, the town of Trois-Rivières is depicted with its industrial section in silhouette, brown smoke billowing from the factories into the grey sky. Generated from memory, "Winter Landscape", with its dominating expanse of snow and sky, is an example of how Lemieux's emotional state restricts his proximity to the urban landscape.




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