Doc Snyder's HouseEnlarge image

Doc Snyder's House, 1931

L.L. FitzGerald
Canadian, 1890 - 1956
oil on canvas
74.9 x 85.1 cm
Gift of P.D. Ross, Ottawa, 1932
National Gallery of Canada (no. 3993)
© With the permission of Patricia and Earl Green, co-holders of the FitzGerald copyright

Utter desperation such as is prevalent in Europe today is practically unknown to us by actual experience. In Europe the various so-called socialist parties have aroused either class-consciousness (Russia, Spain) or national consciousness (Germany, Italy) with the accompanying antagonisms and fears. On the American continent the particular contribution of our way of life has been some measure of classlessness and of racial co-operation . . . That art should be expected to express, in almost illustrative terms, an economic depression or a political theory is to limit appreciation to such an extent as to cause a serious deficiency at least in the audience, and perhaps ultimately in the artist. I propose we set our house in order according to our own problems, needs and aspirations . . . Some day we may have to take in the refugees from a smouldering civilization. We may have to offer them more than bread. We may have to offer them the spiritual sustenance of an art which grows on the bare rock and bare chests. Elizabeth Wyn Wood, "Art and the Pre-Cambrian Shield," The Canadian Forum, February 1937




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