LongshoremenEnlarge image

Longshoremen, 1940

Miller Brittain
Canadian, 1912 - 1968
oil on masonite
50.8 x 63.4 cm
Purchased 1970
National Gallery of Canada (no. 15916)

One experiences life and reacts to it in a variety of ways. I must try to find the right way. That is my aim in art and life and my work embodies the struggle. The beauty of the drama of inanimate nature moves me deeply, but the trials, the errors, the absurd antics, and the triumphs of Everyman affect me more . . . I quarrel with non-objective painting which seems to me to stop half-way by not joining hands with the natural world and man's experience. I believe that all thoughts and feelings are grist to the painter's mill and hate and fear as well as love have been my themes when I have felt them. Are the non-objective boys too pure to come to terms with nasty humanity? Miller Brittain in Northern Review, August 1949




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