Ascending FormsEnlarge image

Ascending Forms, c. 1929

Bertram Brooker
British, Canadian, 1888 - 1955
oil on canvas
76.2 x 61.6 cm
Purchased 1969
National Gallery of Canada (no. 15814)

The job of economic stabilization is not the artist's business. His concern is not with work - with facts. It is even more certain that he should not be concerned with theories - especially with theories which become crystallized into dogmas whereby certain sections of the world propose to manage human affairs . . . the artist is concerned with the way God runs the universe, and not with the way man proposes to run it . . . the proper material of art - as distinct from religion - is the recognition on the part of man that perfection involves an endless, day-to-day struggle upward out of what seems to us like imperfection . . . the greatest need of today is that the function and capacity of the soul should be made known again, through an awakening of the sense of harmony between man and the universe. Bertram Brooker, "Art and Society," in Yearbook of the Arts in Canada, 1936




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