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Coruscating Cinnamon GranulesEnlarge image

Coruscating Cinnamon Granules, 1996

Rodney Graham
Canadian, 1949
16 mm b/w silent film loop, 4:00 minutes, projector, screen, cinema seats, kitchen-sized enclosure
enclosure: 305 x 460 cm
Purchased 1999
National Gallery of Canada (no. 40085)

This film documents on a single roll of 16 mm film, a lighting event performed at home and is intended to be projected in a cinema bearing the dimensions of my own modest kitchen: a glittering mini-spectacle that resembles a constellation of stars that appears before one's eyes after a mild blow to the head, created by simply spreading granulated particles of the common household spice over the surface of a spiral electric cooking element before turning the element on in darkness. R. Graham




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