The Saint Anne Falls near Quebec from Above and Looking UpwardEnlarge image

The Saint Anne Falls near Quebec from Above and Looking Upward, 1854

Cornelius Krieghoff
Canadian, 1815 - 1872
oil on canvas
31 x 46.5 cm
Purchased 1995
National Gallery of Canada (no. 37781)

Although he was born and trained in Amsterdam and died in Chicago, Cornelius Krieghoof is nevertheless considered a Canadian painter, since virtually his entire career as an artist was conducted in this country. His genre scenes have a definite popular appeal, but it is as a landscapist that he made his mark. The bulk of his mature landscape work dates from his time in Quebec City and portrays the countryside surrounding it. For this little painting, executed in the fall of 1854, Krieghoff chose a view showing the head of the Saint Anne falls. A couple of city folk on a day out stand on a rocky outcrop on the left, while on the opposite bank a woodsman tends his fire. Great care has been devoted to capturing the colours and textures of the scene, in all their diversity and richness.




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