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Natashkouan, 1956

Marcel Barbeau
Canadian, 1925
oil on canvas
182 x 213 cm
Gift of Maurice Dubois, Montreal, 1997
National Gallery of Canada (no. 39058)

During the summer of 1956 Barbeau spent time in Le Bic, Quebec, then a separate village but now a municipality of Rimouski, situated along the lower Saint Lawrence River. He painted several works, and although they all appear to have been created randomly or without planning, they were strongly structured by a recurring motif made with the palette knife. The even surface tension that was created by Barbeau was later called an "all over" due to the uniform texture of paint applied across the entire canvas. This painting takes its name from the Natashquan River that flows from the Quebec-Labrador border and drains into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.






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