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A Dying BirdEnlarge image

A Dying Bird, 1980

Mattiusi Iyaituk
Canadian (Inuit), 1950
grey stone and antler with black colouring
15 x 17.7 x 33.7 cm
Gift of the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1992
National Gallery of Canada (no. 37424)
© Mattiusi Iyaituk

I was in San Francisco. We were walking along the beach, and I saw a bird covered with oil slick. It was barely moving. Back home, when we see a wounded animal, we kill it to end its suffering. But being in the States, I couldn't do that. When I left and returned home, it was still on my mind. Later I created this sculpture, so the bird would know I was sorry I couldn't help it. - Matiusi Iyaituk, Ottawa, 1998




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