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Untitled, 1992

Faye HeavyShield
Canadian, 1953
wood, cement, acrylic
190.5 cm diameter installed; elements: 244.5 x 13.5 cm diameter each
Purchased 1993
National Gallery of Canada (no. 37010.1-12)

One of my earliest and strongest memories is that of my father skinning a deer: the beauty of the animal's eyes, serene in death, the smell of blood, the crackle of fat as the hide was peeled away, and the great taste of the meal my mother cooked. This image and others I saw later in statues of Jesus on the cross, in the architecture of the old homes - tepee poles before the skin/canvas (covered them) and structures left over from the Sundance - and in the bodies of the old. When I began my formal art training, these influences surfaced in the form of biomorphic images, skeletal armatures with vestiges of "flesh", using architectural and figurative language. Monochromatic, after the solitude and simplicity of the prairie. Sometimes building the surface up and then working back from there, peeling the layers. - Faye HeavyShield, 1992




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