The Eiffel TowerEnlarge image

The Eiffel Tower, 1934

Marc Chagall
Russian, 1887 - 1985
oil on canvas
100 x 81.8 cm
Purchased 1956
National Gallery of Canada (no. 6434)
© SODRAC & ADAGP 2017, Chagall ®

The Eiffel Tower occupies the centre of Chagall's painting, but by blurring its geometric structure with muted colours and flanking it with a floating figure against a brightly coloured sun and a leafy tree, Chagall has softened the harshness of its steel structure. He has even used poetic evocations of his childhood village in Russia, such as the fiddle-playing rooster, to give an overall dream-like or surrealistic effect to this famous subject.




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