A Kidnaper/I Have Been Abandoned by the WorldEnlarge image

A Kidnaper/I Have Been Abandoned by the World, 1984-1987

Martha Fleming; Lyne Lapointe
Canadian, 1958
graphite, coloured pencil, gouache, polyurethane and alkyd on laid and wove paper (one panel mounted on plywood and framed), two antique wooden columns, painted and gilded, incandescent light
280.7 x 447 x 206 cm assembled; element 1: 280.7 x 295.8 cm; element 2: 240.5 x 201.5 x 4.6 cm; green column: 135.5 x 17.5 cm diameter; gold column: 106 x 13.3 cm diameter
Purchased 1989
National Gallery of Canada (no. 30044.1-4)

These two panels were key elements in the installation "La Donna Delinquenta" in the Corona Theatre building in Montreal, which had been closed for twenty years prior to Fleming and Lapointe's intervention. In the theatre, the artists created their own spectacle criticizing nineteenth-century theories of female criminality. The poster-like "A Kidnaper" represents the wild, abandoned landscape symbolizing the psychic state of the play's anti-heroine; while the backdrop "I Have Been Abandoned by the World" presents the kidnapper in her jail clothing, accompanied by implements for measuring her deviance. The elusive object of her desire reclines in the background.




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