The Pets and the MaterialsEnlarge image

The Pets and the Materials, 1860

Cornelius Krieghoff
Canadian, 1815 - 1872
oil on canvas
26.8 x 31.8 cm (oval image); frame: 40.7 x 47 cm
Gift of Leanora D. McCarney, Ottawa, 1987, in memory of her parents Ethel and Frank De Rice
National Gallery of Canada (no. 29785)

This charming painting is unique in Cornelius Krieghoff's oeuvre. Two spaniels frolic among the remains of what appears to have been a splendid feast, where a group of friends have eaten, drunk and smoked to their heart's content. Each element is immediately recognizable, which adds to the work's appeal. The artist gave it as a Christmas gift to his Quebec City friends Anny, Christopher and Robert O'Connor, as a token of his esteem.




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