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Every Building, or Site, that a Building Permit was Issued for a New Building in Toronto in 2006, 2008

Daniel Young; Christian Giroux
Canada, 1971
high-definition video, 13 minutes, no sound
Purchased 2012
National Gallery of Canada (no. 45532)

Young & Giroux's art intervenes upon the material, aesthetic and ideational infrastructures that support systems of industrial manufacture, urban planning, and, in their most recent film project, nation-building. "Every Building"... is one of the artists' most widely known works that, as the title plainly suggests, documents in a film loop all non-residential building permits issued by the city of Toronto in 2006. Without commentary on the state of development and mass design, the artists allow the images to speak for themselves. They write: "this silent presentation forms an image of our current urban modernity, as well as a struggle with our own models of urban and architectural critique."



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