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Just Agree To Disagree, 2010

Michael Massie
Canadian (Inuit), 1962
Labrador serpentine, moose antler, ebony, dark red wood, lignum vitae, and copper
19.9 x 40.6 x 10.5 cm
Purchased 2010
National Gallery of Canada (no. 42969)

"Here the story is about two shamans, each one believing that he has the strongest powers. As the argument continues they begin to show off their abilities... with each one trying to outdo the other. They have been at it for so long that it is driving everyone around them crazy.... The owl, being the "guide" to the spirit world, steps in to settle things down by simply telling them that the best thing to do here is to "just agree to disagree." " - Michael Massie Massie is among a few contemporary artists who draw upon Inuit oral tradition for inspiration but do more than retelling by bringing their own interpretations or creating new stories in the same spirit as the ones passed down and recorded through generations.




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