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Overpass, 2007

David Hoffos
Canadian, 1966
mixed media installation with 2 channel video, one video of 4:10 min and one video of 8:25 min, and audio
installation dimensions variable
Purchased 2010
National Gallery of Canada (no. 43050)

David Hoffos' illusionistic installations conjure the magic associated with flickering phantasmagorias or early twentieth-century films. "Overpass" is from "Scenes from the House Dream", a body of work created between 2003-07 recounting multiple chapters of a story drawing on Hoffos' interest in cinema, pulp and pop culture while expressing his anxieties about the modern condition and contemporary urban life. "Overpass" conjures "that feeling, in childhood, at twilight or after dark, when you would walk the streets alone, sneaking passing glances into the warmly lit windows of your neighbours,"he says, "it's a familiar urge that I suspect has a lot less to do with voyeurism than with an innocent but insistent longing for safety, comfort and family."




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