A Journey That Wasn'tEnlarge image

A Journey That Wasn't, 2005, poster 2006

Pierre Huyghe
French, 1962
16 mm film and high-definition video compiled and transferred to high-definition video, 21:43 minutes, and poster
installation dimensions variable
Purchased 2009
National Gallery of Canada (no. 42608)
© Pierre Huyghe / SODRAC (2017)

Pierre Huyghe's work navigates between fact and fiction, proposing that reality is so unbelievable that "to tell it the right way, you must tell it as a fiction". In "A Journey That Wasn't", Huyghe merges two events of his creation: an Antarctic expedition in search of an albino creature rumoured to exist on an uncharted island exposed by receding ice, and a re-enactment of that voyage as an elaborate concert and lightshow in Central Park in October 2005. Part nature documentary, sci-fi movie, and musical, the resulting cinematic experience shifts between the exploration of sublime terrain and orchestrated spectacle, leaving us to decide whether, as the title suggests, the journey even happened.




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