Green ZoneEnlarge image

Green Zone, 2003-2007

Wanda Koop
Canadian, 1951
acrylic on canvas
installation dimensions variable
Purchased 2008
National Gallery of Canada (no. 42207.1-44)

In "Green Zone", Wanda Koop draws her source material from television coverage of the conflict in Iraq. Pulling from the thousands of clips that scroll rapidly across the screen during daily newscasts, Koop arrests this visual bombardment, capturing singular moments to translate from digital format onto the canvas. Each image begins as a small sketch that may then serve as the study for a larger painting. By reducing these freeze frames to their most basic forms, the artist challenges viewers to mentally reassemble and contemplate these ubiquitous scenes of violence. Koop highlights the way contemporary broadcast media have drained such images of emotional or moral impact through incessant repetition and a sanitized treatment, and questions how they might again be reinvested with meaning.




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