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NATURE: THIS IS A RECORDING, 1991, digitally remastered 2006

Andrew Zealley
Canadian, 1956
audio installation, 56:32 minutes, 12 tracks
Purchased 2007
National Gallery of Canada (no. 42000)

Digitally remastered and published as an artist multiple in an edition of 250 in 2006
Based on the principles of Kundalini yoga, Robert Flack’s "EMPOWERMENT" represents the body’s seven "chakras", psychic centres through which dormant cosmic energy can be awakened. Andrew Zealley composed the movements of "NATURE: THIS IS A RECORDING" to accompany Flack’s series of photographs for a collaborative exhibition at Toronto’s Garnet Press Gallery in 1991. Flack’s iconic, sensual mapping of the body and dazzling use of colour and pattern fuse with Zealley’s rhythmic, layered sounds. The visual and audio pulsations evoke the meditative space of a shrine or techno dance club - integrating mind and body to reflect the artists’ own exploration of physical and spiritual practices for improving well-being.




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