Fugitive (Unbidden) #2Enlarge image

Fugitive (Unbidden) #2, 2004

Jin-me Yoon
South Korean, Canadian, 1960
3 chromogenic prints
61.5 x 61.6 cm each
Purchased 2007
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography (no. 2007.14.1-3)

In these photographs, Jin-me Yoon explores the idea of “postmemory,” or how events such as war, exile, genocide, migration, diaspora and forced displacement affect individuals across generations. For Yoon, the Korean War dramatically shaped Korean consciousness, dividing families, and leaving many with painful memories. She sees her own family history as informed by postmemory; family members are silent about the war, or speak about it only in certain ways. The war has also affected Yoon’s identity, even though she herself did not experience it directly. In her photographs, Yoon imaginatively reconstructs scenes that appear to engage with aspects of a war or conflict. The images are not a direct reenactment of events that occurred in the Korean War. Rather, Yoon wants the work to be open-ended, as a way to speak to a broader treatment of war and displacement. For the artist, the photographs present the subject of a past war as she has indirectly experienced it.




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