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Drawing for "The Owl", c. 1969

Kenojuak Ashevak
Canadian (Inuit), 1927 - 2013
felt pen on wove paper
45.5 x 61.1 cm
Gift of M.F. Feheley, Toronto, 1984
National Gallery of Canada (no. 28747)

Basically, I put out the colours I want to use and I don't just do the drawing all at once; I will stop and gather my thoughts and decide how I am going to go on. But when I do go on and come up with a new inspiration of something to put down it's still going to be set down in the colours that I had set out for that particular drawing. I am not going to suddenly decide, oh well, this really needs a certain colour of orange, and go and find it somewhere; it's still going to be using the colours that I set out for that particular drawing. I do lay the colours out in a certain way; I make sense of the colours - they aren't just sitting there in a big jumble. I'll place two colours side by side that I feel would go well together, and so those are sitting right there kind of lined up in a way that is pleasing to my sense of colour. So when I have new ideas I am working on my own system of colouring. - Kenojuak Ashevak, interview with Jean Blodgett, 1980


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