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Four Arhats with Attendants, Deities, and Tibetan TeachersEnlarge image

Four Arhats with Attendants, Deities, and Tibetan Teachers, 18th century

Unknown (Central Tibet, Tashilunpo Monastery - 18th century)

opaque watercolour on cotton
62.2 x 41 cm
Gift of Max Tanenbaum, Toronto, 1980
National Gallery of Canada (no. 26861)

The painting represents four of the sixteen indian "arhats", disciples of the Buddha Sâkyamuni who continue the teachings of the master. Here they are shown together, with attendants, in a Chinese-style landscape. From top to bottom one can identify Vajriputra, followed by Kanakavasta and Bhadra and, finally, seated on a throne, Kanaka Bharadvaja accompanied by a scribe.




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