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Windmill Electric Generator, 1975-1976

Murray Favro
Canadian, 1940
wood, metal, rubber, and electric generator; video 11:59 min
279.4 x 254 x 254 cm
Purchased 1977
National Gallery of Canada (no. 18767)
© Murray Favro

Murray Favro created Windmill Electric Generator, an invention of simplicity and utility employing accessible materials, with the idea that other people could easily replicate it. It differs from other windmills in that the base of the propeller contains a gimbal joint allowing it to tilt to harness wind from any direction. Yet within the gallery environment, Favro's windmill is akin to any other without wind - static. This work was first installed on the roof of the artist's studio in London, Ontario. The accompanying video serves as a record of it in action.




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