The Croppy Boy (The Confession of an Irish Patriot)Enlarge image

The Croppy Boy (The Confession of an Irish Patriot), 1879

Charlotte Schreiber
British, Canadian, 1834 - 1922
oil on canvas
91.6 x 76.2 cm
Royal Canadian Academy of Arts diploma work, deposited by the artist, Toronto, 1880
National Gallery of Canada (no. 118)

The youth has knelt to tell his sins / Nomine Dei! the youth begins, / At the Siege of Ross, did my Father fall / and at Gorey my loving brothers all / I, alone, am left of my name and race / I will go to Wexford to take their place. / Now, Father, bless me before I go / To die, if God has ordained it so. / The Priest said naught, but a rustling noise / Made the youth look up in wild surprise; / The robes were off, and in scarlet there / Sat a yeoman captain with fiery glare; / With fiery glare, and with fury hoarse / Instead of blessing he breathed a curse / T'was a good thought boy to come here and shrive / For one short hour is your time to live. - Ballad of the time of the Irish rebellion




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