Sunrise on the Saguenay, Cape TrinityEnlarge image

Sunrise on the Saguenay, Cape Trinity, 1880

Lucius R. O'Brien
Canadian, 1832 - 1899
oil on canvas
90 x 127 cm
Royal Canadian Academy of Arts diploma work, deposited by the artist, Toronto, 1880
National Gallery of Canada (no. 113)

This view of Cape Trinity, overlooking a fjord on Quebec's Saguenay River, testifies to the talent of Lucius O'Brien, a Luminist painter, in his treatment of the delicate shades of the sunrise. This romantically inspired canvas evokes the smallness of man before the wonders of nature. O'Brien was the first president of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and this painting was one of the National Gallery of Canada's first acquisitions.




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