Michael Snow
Clothed Woman (In Memory of my Father) 1963
oil and lucite on canvas
152 x 386.2 cm
Purchased 1966
National Gallery of Canada

Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography The Sixties - Photography in Question

Ottawa, Canada - April 30, 2003


 Musée canadien de la photographie contemporaine Les années soixante - La question de la photographie 
As its part in a series of exhibitions organized by museums across the country to celebrate the 1960s, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography (CMCP) today announced its exhibition The Sixties: Photography in Question. It will bring together some one hundred works chosen from the rich collections of the CMCP and the National Gallery of Canada.

The sixties was a decade of experimentation, when artist blurred the boundaries between art forms. Photography, especially, underwent many changes during the period. The very role of photography was recast, metamorphosing from a simple, practical tool into an art form in its own right.

The exhibition
The Sixties: Photography in Question will seek to re-examine the relationship between photography and art, but not in terms of distinctions-is this photography or is it art?-that force the viewer to choose between the terms. Rather it will view photography from the perspective of a dialogue among different disciplines using the medium's own unique vocabulary.

The one hundred works selected for the exhibition honour the spirit of this dynamic era, which put experimentation and investigation before theoretical discussion in order to stimulate new ideas.

Scheduled for February to May 2005, the exhibition The Sixties: Photography in Question will demonstrate the contribution of Canadian photographers to the decade's artistic impetus.

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