Michael Snow
Clothed Woman (In Memory of my Father) 1963
oil and lucite on canvas
152 x 386.2 cm
Purchased 1966
National Gallery of Canada

Works by exciting, challenging artist Diana Thorneycroft on view at the Canadian Museum of Contemporay Photography

Ottawa, Canada - April 23, 2001


 Le musée canadien de la photographie contemporaine présente les oeuvres de l'artiste captivante Diana Thorneycroft 
On 25 April, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography will launch an exhibition by Diana Thorneycroft, who is regarded as one of most exciting and provocative artists to emerge in North America in the last decade. Thorneycroft creates dark, dreamlike, and often disturbing photographs that explore sexuality, memory and the social and familial forces that shape our sense of identity and our understanding of the world. The exhibition Diana Thorneycroft: The Body, its lesson and camouflage will be shown at CMCP from 25 April to 8 July 2001. Admission is free.

The media are invited to a special tour of the exhibitions Diana Thorneycroft: The Body, its lesson and camouflage and Larry Towell: Projects 1985-2000 on Thursday 26 April from 10 am to 12 noon. Diana Thorneycroft and Andrea Kunard, Assistant Curator, CMCP will be available for interviews.

The exhibition includes some forty black-and-white photographs from major projects produced by the artist since the late eighties. Throughout her career, Thorneycroft has made the body the focus of her work; it becomes the ground upon which memories of past events are depicted, fantasies played out and the effects of physical discomforts explored.

Thorneycroft's complex images provoke a wide range of response from viewers and always invite close examination and reflection. Through the use of montage, masks, toys and a variety of other props, the artist confuses the "normal" demarcations of childhood and adulthood, and masculinity and femininity, and presents expanded, multi-faceted portraits of selves. Placing herself within settings of her own creation, she depicts her own body as subjugated and vulnerable, as a site of both suffering and pleasure.

Diana Thorneycroft: The Body, its lesson and camouflage was curated by critic Robert Enright, organized by the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba and circulated by The Winnipeg Art Gallery with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Manitoba Arts Council and Canadian Cargo.

Please note that some photographs in this exhibition may be considered unsuitable for young viewers.

Exhibition-related activities:
Meet the Artist: Diana Thorneycroft Sunday 29 April at 2 pm
Join Diana Thorneycroft on a tour of the exhibition. She will discuss the creative process and issues raised by her images. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore and discuss your responses with the artist and other visitors. In English. Bilingual question period. Free.

A 15-minute video of the artist discussing her work will be shown during Museum hours in conjunction with the exhibition. English and French versions. Free.

Talk Back:
Visitors to the exhibition are invited to share their responses in a Talk Back binder available in the galleries.

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